Theory Test

To get on the road and be safe you first must book and pass a theory test. This shows you knowledge of the highway code, road signs and rules of the road. You need to pass this test before a driving practical test can be book.ed 

So how do you prepare for a theory test?

Study materials

There are various ways to study. Firstly pick up a copy of a current "the highway code." . In addition get a copy of “Know your traffic signs” and “Driving essentails skills” All of the above publication all the answers to the multi choice questions. Study them and be familiar with the contents

secondly, we recommend the following 2 progarms/apps.

Driving test success 4 in 1 theory test app. Current cost £4.99 on the apps stores.

Theory test pro is an app we offer to our learners, once they have started lessons with us. We will send you a link, free of charge, via email or phone number.

What do I need to take to the Theory Test with me?

You’ll need your UK provisional driving licence with you to be allowed to take the Theory Test. So make sure you know where it is as a new one can take up to 15 days to arrive!

You can’t take any personal items into the test room with you. Here’s what you can’t take in with you.

 Mobile phones




Bottles of drink

Basically, you can't take anything in with you that you could use to cheat the system!

What’s in the Theory Test?

There are two parts to your Theory Test:

Multiple-choice questions – 57 minutes long, 50 questions, and you need 43 correct answers to pass.

Hazard Perception Test– 14 x 1-minute videos - you need 44 points out of 75 to pass.

You’ll need to pass both parts of the Theory Test to get your hands on a certificate!

The multiple-choice part of the exam is straightforward; simply get 43 of the 50 questions correct to pass. Some of the questions are case study questions, which will be about a real-life situation you could come across when driving.

The Hazard Perception Test is the more interactive part of the test; in this section, you’ll have to watch 14 one-minute clips which feature at least one developing hazard.

The DVSA wants to keep you on your toes by featuring two developing hazards in one of the videos, so watch out for that one.

You need to click the mouse whenever you see a hazard developing. Each hazard carries a maximum score of five, and you’ll gain more points for spotting hazards earlier!

Hints & Tips

Make sure you have seen all the Theory Test questions. There are over 700 in the entire DVSA revision bank to answer!

Make sure you recap the hardest topics such as stopping distances, reflective studs, essential documents, emergency vehicles and safety in your vehicle.

Make sure you're passing at least 5 mock Theory Tests consecutively and have at least 5 minutes to spare at the end of each one.

Make sure you are flagging any difficult theory questions and revisit them at the end.

Carefully read each Theory Test question and answer choices, and then read the question again to ensure you answer correctly! We advise you spend around 1 minute per question.

Where is the Barnstaple Theory Test Centre?

The theory test is near the Cattle Market car park in the town centre.

7 Castle St, Barnstaple EX31 1DR


the cost of a theory is currently £23. you should never paid any more.