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Intensive Courses Devon

For many, learning to drive with just a couple of hours each week is not preferred. This is why we offer learners many intesive driving courses throughout Devon. See below for details of our intensive courses.

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5 Hours - £200

This short intensive course is ideal for those who have maybe just failed their driving test and are looking to perfect their driving skills before re-taking the test.

10 Hours - £340

Perhaps you would feel more comfortable about taking your test after a slightly longer intesive driving course. Why not try our 10 hour course?

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20 Hours - £540

Have you had a lot of driving lessons with your mum or dad? Do you feel you might need just that extra little bit of confidence to take your test?

Our 20 Hour intensive driving lessons will give you just that and aim to perfect what your mum and dad have already shown you.

30 Hours - £780

Are you thinking of taking up driving lessons in devon but do not think you would enjoy waiting a week in between lessons? Do you learn quickly?

Then our 30 hour intensive driving lesson course would be ideal for you.

Also ideal for learners who have a basic knowledge of car control.

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40 Hours - £960

For the complete beginner, 40 hours is the recommended time needed to get them test ready.

So if you are a beginner, why not book our 40 hour driving course for your quicker route to freedom.

Please note that the above prices include the cost of one driving test.

Also note that the prices above do not include the price of a theory test. An additional £23 will be added should you want this to be included.

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